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Endodontic News
Johannesburg, South Africa.     Thursday 6th of August 2020
What is an Endodontist?

by Dr Bradley Selvan

Endodontists specialise in treating problems with the interior tissue or “pulp” of the teeth (the name comes from the Greek “endo” = inner and “odon” = tooth).

The pulp contains blood vessels and nerves and it contributes to the growth of the hard-outer layers of the tooth.

While all dentists study endodontics, they may call in a specialist to assist with more difficult diagnoses and cases.

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We have some before and after images of root treatments on our main site.

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When Should you See an Endodontist?

General or family dentists perform routine procedures such as examinations, extractions, and fitting fillings, dentures, crowns and bridges. Though your family dentist probably performs a lot of root canals, you may be referred to an endodontist if the case is not straight-forward.

It may be unclear which tooth is causing the problem or treatment might be complicated by a quirk of anatomy or a previous root canal. Before your dentist performs a restorative procedure like installing a crown, you may be referred to an endodontist for a root canal.

Avoiding root canal treatment

You don’t need a referral to see an endodontist, and can come straight to us if you’ve suffered an injury to your teeth or are in serious pain. In many cases an endodontist can save teeth that are at risk of being lost to injury or decay. In most cases, however, it may be convenient to start with a visit to your family dentist first.

What is a Root Canal?

Root canal therapy is one of the most common procedures.

When the pulp of a tooth is infected or inflamed, it may be necessary to remove it, fill the space and seal it. This procedure is called a root canal and can save teeth that would otherwise have to be removed. Root canals can be performed because mature teeth are nourished by their surrounding tissue and don’t rely on the pulp, which plays more of role in tooth development.

A tooth infection is typically painful, but a local anaesthetic is given during the procedure itself. After the anaesthetic, the tooth is covered with rubber dam – which in most cases will be made of latex – to keep it clean and dry. The treatment consists of three or four basic steps and will usually require one to three appointments.

A root canal treatment       Imgur

Root canals are one of the most common dental procedures and have a very high success rate, up to 90%. Before we get started we’ll go over the specifics of your case with you, so you know what to expect and can make an informed decision. If a root canal is unsuccessful, you still have options available.


by Dr Selvan

Dental abscesses are extremely painful and need urgent attention. Fortunately, we have wonderful new instruments and techniques to aid in your treatment.

Typically, the roots of the tooth are accessed, cleaned out and filed with new generation smart file systems, then irrigated and cleaned with ultrasonic and negative-pressure vacuum systems to disinfect them. The gaps are filled with warmed, inert plastic filling materials, before the tooth is restored with fibre or metal posts and white filling materials.

Later, these fillings will help to support the crowns or overlays that are made after the root treatment to help prevent the teeth from breaking or splitting.

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My Qualifications

by Brad Selvan

Dr. Bradley Selvan completed an extra degree at Pretoria University, the Dip Odont degree in Endodontics, with Distinction, at Pretoria University in 2007.

Dr Selvan is passionate about Endodontics (Root treatment). His expertise and skill make for painless and excellent "root canal" treatments. He also accepts endodontic referrals from other dental practioners.

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